My artistic talent started showing when my kindergarten classmates were making stick figures and I was drawing accurate bodies of rabbits and birds. As soon as I learned to climb trees, I exchanged songs and whistles with the birds. When I was given chalk, I drew horse heads on sidewalks.

I like to think I inherited my talents from my parents. My mother was a school teacher, had a beautiful singing voice, and played our piano daily, which was a joy of my childhood. I climbed up on the piano bench at the age of three, trying to imitate her playing. My father, who deserted her shortly before I was born, was a world-famous ballroom dancer who played the violin, piano, and wrote songs. One of his songs was put on a record (a 78) when they were made of slate.


As a teen, I was completely engrossed in art, music, writing and sports. They all fit together for me. I wrote my first song at 15 after my friend taught me how to play the guitar. We'd spend hours writing songs together, and singing at local functions. Hollywood's Sunset Strip was just over the mountain, and it was our destination to become part of the music scene that was so alive there. We hung out with the Lovin' Spoonful, the Byrds, and many other famous bands. A group named Steppenwolf was looking for vocalists/musicians. We joined it and practiced every weekend in a vacant office on the Strip. Our band was the forerunner of the John Kay version. That's how my voice ended up on the Steppenwolf "star" album at the end of "Don't Step on the Grass, Sam," (my five-second claim to fame!)


After high school, I was given the opportunity (from my uncle) to attend college. I was thrilled to be accepted into the prestigious Art Institute of Los Angeles! But, the offer came with a hitch: Go to college and dump the fiancé, or get married. Period. There was no negotiating. So, I chose love, and that lasted only three years.

I supplemented working with as many night classes and extra-curricular classes as I could fit in. Then, my mother's health began to fail and I had to face other responsibilities.

I must admit that it was a very hard climb from the first rung of the ladder to the top. I owe my success to some of the best and most creative teachers - true experts in their respective fields.


Today, I am a specialist in media simply because I've worked in all mediums from the ground up. I enjoy working with clients. My creativity has resulted in ad campaigns that have given my customers a higher level of respect from their clients.


I believe in using the Golden Rule. I promote my clients honestly using the mediums that are best suited to their goals.


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